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Missouri Invitational Fish & Golf Tournament

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The Ultimate Bass Fishing & Golf Tournament

The Missouri Invitational Fish & Golf Tournament at Old Kinderhook is an Old Kinderhook/ Bassing Bob event. This tournament was created by Bob Renken, Executive Director of Old Kinderhook and Bob Bueltmann, Owner of Bassing Bob. As tournament anglers and golfers themselves, they came up with the idea of combining the two sports but with a twist. They knew this type of tournament had been done before but not with the combination of the Region’s top Pro Anglers matched up with Amateurs. They knew this type of spin on the event would be just what was needed to have many people from all over to participate. The first tournament was held in the fall of 2015 and it was a huge success for its first year.

How the Tournament Works…

The Pro Anglers from all over the Region participate and an Amateur (anyone that is not a Pro Angler) can pay to fish and golf with one of the Pro Anglers. Last year, as soon as the event went public all the Amateur spots filled up within days. This year the Amateur can participate by paying $1,000 to secure their spot in the tournament and there are only 26 total spots available. How it is decided on which Amateur fishes with what Pro, is determined on the first night at the Auction/Pairings party. The Top 3 Pro’s from last year’s tournament and some other top Pro Anglers will be up for bid in a live auction. Any Amateur can bid on any of the Pro’s up for auction and highest bid wins that Pro. The Amateur and Pro will fish two days and play 18 holes of golf together to try to get the highest score from all three days of tournaments. During the golf tournament, the Pro Angler and Amateur is paired with a Pro Golfer that is assigned to the team.

In order to win the tournament they take the weigh in from two days of fishing, and points accumulated from the golf tournament; add it up and the team with the most points wins the entire tournament. After each day’s events, the standings will be displayed on property for everyone to see where they rank and what they need to do in order to increase their chances of winning. All Participants in the tournament are encouraged to bring their family with them as Old Kinderhook has many family friendly events lined up for the week.

Old Kinderhook and Bassing Bob would like to invite anyone that would like to meet the Pro Anglers to attend the opening nights dinner. There is a cost to attend the event but it includes the opportunity to meet the Region’s Top Pro Anglers all in one place at one time. We also welcome guest to attend the Weigh-Ins from the fishing portion of the event and it is free to watch.

2019 Missouri Invitational Fish & Golf Tournament Winners
Andy Newcomb – Pro Angler

Chris Bridges – Amateur

2018 Missouri Invitational Fish & Golf Tournament Winners
Mark Tucker – Pro Angler

Don Beckley – Amateur

2017 Missouri Invitational Fish & Golf Tournament Winners
Jeremy Lawyer – Pro Angler

John Hewkin – Co Angler

2016 Missouri Invitational Fish & Golf Tournament Winners
Marcus Sykora – Pro Angler

Matt Capstick – Amateur

2015 Missouri Invitational Fish & Golf Tournament Winners
Mark Weise – Pro Angler

Jared Williams – Amateur

“This place was wonderful! Great golf & accommodations. Superb dining experience; nice people & beautiful country. We would come back!”

~ John H.

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