I verify that all the information provided by me on this application and in exhibits and resumes is true, correct and complete. I have not knowingly withheld any information requested on this application. I understand that false, misleading, incomplete or omitted information on this application, exhibit or resumes will result in rejection of my application or dismissal if hired by Old Kinderhook. There is no time limit regarding the above mentioned items. Applications will be considered by Old Kinderhook for ninety days following their submission. I authorize Old Kinderhook and its agents to verify the information on this application and in exhibits and to conduct an investigation regarding my suitability for employment. I release Old Kinderhook, its agents, and all persons and companies from any claims, liabilities or damages for requesting or providing any information about me. I understand that this application is not intended as a job offer or contract of employment for any specific time period. If hired, my employment will not be for any specific time period and I may resign or be terminated at any time without notice or requirement of cause; this is in keeping with the Missouri Employment-at-Will Doctrine. I understand that if employed, I will be required to complete a Federal I-9 form and provide verification and identification and right to work in the United States. I agree to a background check, as per the desire of Old Kinderhook, pertaining to my suitability for employment at Old Kinderhook. I acknowledge the “Smoke Free” and “Drug Free” policies of Old Kinderhook. I agree to abide by all policies and rules of Old Kinderhook as well as binding arbitration, in-accordance-with the American Arbitration Association should any matter emerge pertaining to my employment at Old Kinderhook. Lastly, I will adhere to the 911 pertinent documents/policies of Old Kinderhook.

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