September Golf Tips

By September 1, 2021 September 2nd, 2021 Golf Tips
September 2021 Golf Tip

Downhill Lies


With this tip, we will tackle downhill lies. For myself, downhill lies are probably the most difficult uneven lies I encounter. Just like with an uphill lie it’s important to set your shoulders to the slope of the ground. If your shoulders are not set to the slope you will most likely set up with your back shoulder closer to the ground and you risk hitting behind the ball. With a downhill lie, the ball position should be slightly more back in your stance than normal. Shots from downhill lies tend to go a little further and have a little lower trajectory because of the club being delofted from the downslope; so if the distance is a 6-iron for you normally, you may want to club down to a 7-iron. Shots from downhill lies tend to be hit a little to the right of the target because the club is being swung down the slope which makes the arms extend more which causes less clubface rotation during the swing. To compensate for this, aim to the left of the target.

In the pictures below you can see from my setup that I’m trying to get my shoulders set to the slope, and from the picture on the right I am clearly aiming 10 or 15 yards left of my intended target.