June Golf Tips

By June 2, 2021 August 5th, 2022 Golf Tips
June Golf Tips 01

Pre Shot Routine

This week’s golf topic is developing a pre shot routine.  If you ever watch golf on television you will notice that all the players go through a pre shot routine before every shot.  No matter if it’s a 2 foot putt, a short wedge shot or a driver all of the best players in the world stick to their pre shot routine.  A pre shot routine can help you relax and rid your mind of any anxiety before you hit a shot.  Pre shot routines don’t have to be long, just consistent.  A good start for a pre shot routine is to stand behind the ball, take a deep relaxing breath, address the ball, and make a waggle or two while looking at your target then swing.  Whatever your pre shot routine involves make sure it’s consistent and if interrupted you start it over again.  Make your pre shot routine part of the shot not just something you do beforehand.  Once you start your pre shot routine give the process your full attention just as you would when you are making a swing.  Golf is a game of very short bursts of concentration followed by long lulls of talking, looking at nature or making fun of your buddies.  When it’s your turn to hit make sure that you are fully engaged starting with your pre shot routine all the way through the result of the swing.

Starting my pre shot routine from behind the ball:

In this picture as I’m addressing the ball I keep my hands loose by waggling the club before I swing: