October Golf Tips

By October 1, 2021 August 5th, 2022 Golf Tips
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Play To Your Strengths


This week’s golf tip is to play to your strengths. No matter what your handicap, everyone has a part of their game that is better than other parts. Using myself as an example, I am very consistent with the driver and hit a lot of fairways. I also consider myself an above-average putter. For my own game, I know that I need to be as close to the green as possible after my tee shot to shoot good scores. I will challenge bunkers, hit drivers on holes that are very narrow and tight, and will generally hit my driver on more holes than most people. My thinking is that if I can get the ball on the green I feel like I am a good enough putter to make par or better. Another way to play to your strengths is to use your natural shot shape to your advantage. If your natural shot shape is a fade, any pin position that is in the middle to the right portion of the green you can be aggressive with. The opposite is true if your natural shot shape is a draw, any pin in the middle to the left side of the green you can be more aggressive with. My natural shot shape is a draw or a hook. Any pin position on the right-hand side of the green I either have to go away from my strength and try to hit a fade or start the ball well right of the green and risk missing the green to the right and short siding myself. I would much rather aim at the pin and hit the middle of the green and have a birdie putt than risk hitting a shot I’m not comfortable with to maybe get the ball closer to the hole. The next time you play remember to play to your strengths and more than likely you will shoot lower scores.